Imagine a Nigeria Where

No one needs to fly out for medical care



Protecting Nigeria's Wealth

  • Partnered with NOVA Health to provide Health Insurance at N18,000 per annum



Building the future today

  • Deployed a state-of-the-art e-library at the College of Education Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti state.
  • Financed school expansion and growth of over 200 primary & secondary schools to the tune of N2B
  • Financed Hostel construction projects in 3 tertiary institutions.
  • Sponsored over 300 teachers on various local and international continuous development and capacity building programmes
  • Disbursed N2B in personal loans to over 1000 teachers and lecturers through Specta
  • Improved financial literacy education in young people with the distribution of 10,000 copies of the Bank’s financial literacy book (me and my money) nationwide
  • Sponsored the Succeeding At School Leadership program for 150 School leaders/owners to enhance their leadership and business structure in order to deliver profitability and sustainable growth.



Feeding a Nation

  • Karma Milk: In 2010, the bank financed the establishment of a 250-tonnes per day soya bean processing plant in Ibadan Oyo State
  • Labana Rice Mill: In 2013, the bank financed the working capital requirement for the operation of newly established 16 tons per hour Rice Mill in Kebbi
  • Shaldag Fish Farm: In 2016, the bank financed the establishment of a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) in Epe Lagos State for the production of 10,000 tons of catfish and tilapia on an annual basis
  • Cresto Agro: In 2016, the Bank financed one of the largest cassava processing plant.
  • Fortune Heights: In 2013, the Bank financed the purchase 400, 000-layer birds and battery cages.


Renewable Energy

Powering a Nation

  • Financing deployment of CNG in ARIA-ARIA Market in Aba.
  • Financing development of a mini-grid in Osi-Ife community.
  • Financing the deployment of solar solutions to cluster markets in Lagos under the energizing economies program of the FGN.



Moving a Nation

  • Over 20 Million passenger trips.

We Are Putting Our Money Where Our HEART Is

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Loans Given




Rates as low as


N10 Billion

earmarked for improving the healthcare industry

Our partnership with Nova healthcare will make full medical cover accesible to every Nigerian with as little as N49 per day.

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N10 Billion

commited to better education for Nigerians

Sterling will invest over N10 Billion in the education sector to provide loans for education business expansion, access to finance for parents, schools and other stakeholders to ensure that our schools are among the best in the world.

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farmers empowered to help feed the nation

In the last 7 years, Sterling has supported local farmers with over N55 Billion in the production of rice,maize and beans as our little way of contributing towards growing the Nigerian food basket

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N10 Billion

earmarked for alternative power supply for Nigerians

In the next 1 year, Sterling will supply over 10,000 Nigerian homes with uninterrupted power power supply to ensure that the lights never go off

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Over 20 Million

passenger trips enabled in Lagos alone

In the last 7 years, Sterling has invested over $50 Million in the Lagos BRT scheme to ensure that Nigerians no longer need to drive to work.

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Growth in the economy will call for more specialized and complex financial services which will lead to growth in other financial services outside of commercial banking.

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